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Who is Walter Jurmann?
Where can I find recordings of Jurmann’s songs?
What if I wish to perform a specific Jurmann work—where can I get copies of the sheet music?
Where can I do further research on Jurmann?
Is there someone I can contact with additional questions and comments?



Who is Walter Jurmann?

Walter Jurmann (1903–1971) was a composer of songs and film music. His is the name behind some of the most popular songs of the twenties and thirties. Jurmann, born in Vienna, Austria, emigrated to Hollywood in 1934 and wrote music to some of the best-known films of the time, including the Marx Brothers’ A Night at the Opera; Mutiny on the Bounty, with Clark Gable; Presenting Lily Mars, with Judy Garland; and San Francisco, in which Jeanette McDonald sings the song “San Francisco.” This rousing hymn has since been named San Francisco’s official city song.

Just as in his life Jurmann bridged geographical and cultural divides, so too did he in his music synthesize the styles of his time into an evocative language that was all his own. Generations of music lovers grew up with his singles hits and film songs. Today, as then, young musicians and music lovers who hear Jurmann’s music fall in love with it and discover its resonances with the present time.


Where can I find recordings of Jurmann’s songs?

For recent CD recordings, as well as a small selection of the hundreds of historical recordings, please see the Discography page of this website.

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What if I wish to perform a specific Jurmann work—where can I get copies of the sheet music?

Almost all of Jurmann’s German-language songs are available upon request as digital scans or printouts from Universal Music Publishing Group (please contact Marita Schmalenstroer at Jurmann’s entire oeuvre is available, also as either digital scan or printout, from the Berlin friends society Freunde und Förderer des Werks von Walter Jurmann (please contact Saskia Kuhlmann at

A collection of thirty-six of Jurmann’s most popular songs, arranged for voice and piano, Alle Welt singt seine Lieder (Ricordi, 2010), is commercially available.

For the publication history of individual Jurmann works, please see the Compositions page of this website.

General information about publishers and performers of Jurmann music is available, for the English-language works, from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP:; for the German-language works, from Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (GEMA:; and for the French-language works, Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique (SACEM:

The principal publishing companies currently representing Jurmann music include the following:

EMI Music Publishing, New York
For information, contact Cindy Keenan, Senior Director, Copyright/Research
TEL: 212 492 1762; FAX: 212 506 1352

To order music, contact Alfred Publishing, Miami
James Grupenhoff, Manager, Copyright and Licensing
TEL: 305 285 8984

EMI Music Publishing Germany GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, HRB 107412;
For information and to order music, contact Petra Scheffczyk, Admin & Clearing Center
TEL & FAX: 49 (0)40 414 015 15

Universal Music Publishing Group, Berlin, Germany
For information and to order Jurmann music arranged for voice and piano, contact Marita Schmalenstroer, Manager, Standard Catalogue
TEL: 49 (0)30 520071247; FAX: 49 (0)30 5200731247
To order Jurmann music arranged for salon and large orchestra, contact

Warner Chappell Music, Los Angeles, California
For information and to order music, contact Jeremy Blietz, Vice President Administration
TEL: 310 441 8652; FAX: 310 470 7101

Campbell, Connelly & Co. Ltd.,
c/o Music Sales Ltd., London, England
For information and to order music, contact
TEL: 44 20 7612 7400; FAX: 44 20 7612 7548

Internationale Musikverlage Hans Sikorski, Hamburg, Germany
For information and to order music, contact (Attn.: K.-H. Adrio)

See also the Michael Feinstein Foundation, below.

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Where can I do further research on Jurmann?

The principal archival repositories of Jurmann material are:

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Performing Arts Special Collections, Music Archival Collections, Walter Jurmann Collection (Coll. no. APAM-1)
The Walter Jurmann Collection, donated to UCLA by Yvonne Jurmann, includes published editions of songs, holographs of songs and lyrics, a copyist’s copy of a partial piano-vocal score for Windy City, correspondence, business papers, photographs, and newspaper and journal articles.

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Musiksammlung (Austrian National Library, Music Collection)
The Music Collection of the Austrian National Library has a large collection of published editions and multiple arrangements of Jurmann works, principally from Jurmann’s European period, as well as a number of recordings.

Michael Feinstein Foundation for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook, Carmel, Indiana
This collection spans the golden years of the Great American Songbook. The foundation’s holdings of Walter Jurmann sheet music and recordings were significantly augmented by the acquisition in 2009 of Bob Grimes’s collection of original sheet music and tapes, previously an important private source of Jurmann materials. The foundation will become publicly accessible in September 2010.

Deutsche Kinemathek Museum für Film und Fernsehen (German Kinemathek Museum for Film and Television), Berlin
This archive has sheet music editions of Jurmann music as well as an extensive collection of and ancillary information about historic films, including many with music by Walter Jurmann.

Film Archiv Austria
The Austrian Film Archive has information about and a collection of restored historic films, including several with music by Walter Jurmann.

Das Deutsche Volksliedarchiv (DVA), Freiburg, Germany, Walter Jurmann Sammlung (S 0285) or
This collection comprises recordings of Walter Jurmann works from the 1930s until the present; scores; publications on his life and works; films on video and DVD; photographs; newspaper reviews; and memorabilia. The recordings consist of shellac records, singles, LPs, tapes, CDs, and DVDs.

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Is there someone I can contact with asdditional questions and comments?

Please feel free to contact Julie Brand at


The creators of the Walter Jurmann web site would like to express sincere thanks to the following individuals for contributing generously of their time and expertise:

Reg Fulton
Saskia Kuhlmann
Alexander Sieghardt
Rudolf Ulrich

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